bam pop! stamps

  • product design

I have had so much fun designing inking stamps for BAM POP! These are clear acrylic stamps with self-adhesive backs so crafters can stick them to clear stamping blocks and see all the way through to the paper as they stamp ink on it for better alignment.

By 2011, we had already released 46 sets. We've done everything from cute little characters and phrases to entire fonts. Our most popular collection by far is the ABC line where each letter stamp comes with a cartoon character and word representing that letter.

To manufacture a stamp set you really only need to create the black and white line work to produce an inkable image, but I have always gone the extra mile to create a full-color illustration for the packaging, as well. This helps people with coloring ideas for the stampls, but it also really sets BAM POP! apart from the rest of the industry--no other company making scrapbook products does this. Or at least none did it before we did. :)

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