lost in star wars

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For years I've wanted to mash-up two of my favorite things--LOST and Star Wars, so in the summer of 2011 I set out to do just that--as a set of fine art poster parodies of the original trilogy's cinema posters. Styistically, they needed to be different from my typical work. Low brow, retro cartoon renderings just wouldn't do. Nope. I don't love to do portrait work from reference, but it was super fun.

Literally within minutes of the unveiling of the first poster I was contacted by the producers of LOST and people from LucasFilm. I thought I was busted, but it turns out they loved it and wanted to invite me and my family to hang out with them at Comic-Con. Amazingly, it turned into more than just hanging out. This blog post tells the whole story.

We did 3 poster releases in 2011--one for each of the original trilogy movies. Each was a limited edition, signed and numbered, printed on beautiful velvet cotton paper, and sold out quickly. Several of the cast and crew members from LOST have reached out to let me know that my posters lovingly adorn the walls of their homes and offices. I can't describe what this means to me. The entire experience has been surreal!